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Witches Calendar,

Sorcières Calendrier

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Neu Hexen Nachrichten.

New witches News.

Nouveau sorcières Nouvelles.

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Diese Hexen Kalender Informationen sind in 10 Jahren 

zusammen gesammelt worden.

Quellen sind:

Der Goldene Zweig, Das Grand Grimoire

Ein französisches Zauberbuch Jahr 1522, 

Douze Anneaux, Galdrabok,

Le Génie et Le Trésor du Vieillard des Pyramides, 

Merseburger Zaubersprüche, Fluchtafeln, 

Das Schwurbuch des Honorius,

onjurationes adversus principem tenebrarum,

Fausts Höllenzwänge, Herpentils Schwarze Magie,

Discovery of witchcraft,

Grimoire du pape Honorius, Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis,

Das Grimoire Armadel.


Mache einen Doppelklick auf das Datum. 

Dann öffnet sich ein Untermenü in deutsch, englisch, französisch und italienisch. 

Mit PC: klicke auf Details.

Hilft das nicht weiter, den Link kopieren, und zuhause mit dem PC ansehen.

Make a double-click on the date. 

Then open a menu with in English, German, French and Italian. 

Does not help to copy the link and watch at home with your PC.

Faites un double-clic sur la date. 

Ensuite, ouvrez un menu avec en anglais, allemand, français et italien. 

Ne pas aider à copier le lien et regarder à la maison avec votre PC.

Link: Google Sites Witches Calendar


Google Kalender öffnet leider das Menü nicht vollständig.

Unfortunately, Google Calendar opens the menu is not complete.

Malheureusement, Google Agenda ouvre le menu ne est pas complète.

Purtroppo, Google Calendar si apre il menu non è completa.

Google Witch Calendar



Alternativ Witch Calendar

Funktioniert mit den meisten Handys.

Link kopieren mit Firefox Browser öffnen

Works with most phones

Fonctionne avec la plupart des téléphones

Funziona con la maggior parte dei telefoni cellulari

Link: Alternative Witch Calendar



Rituales de Brujas en el año circulo, Manual español rueda del año Rituales, Bruxo Video

Bruja, Bruxo, brujera witchcraft stonehenge 2022.jpg

I'm a Witches video Wall

Click Play

Jahreskreisfeste für Hexen mit Sehbehinderung,
Audio Vorlesung.
Willkommen bei Brighid.
lass dich verführen 
in eine Zauber Welt der Alten Mythen und Märchen.
Willkommen bei www.jahreskreisfeste.de....
Hexen Traditionen Information von der 
Buch Autoorin Brighid.

Witches Sabbat Year circle English U.K.
Welcome to brigid
Audio Lecture.
Welcome to Brighid.
be seduced
in a magical world of the ancients

myths and fairy tales.

sorcière sabbat france.
Bienvenue à Brigid
Audio Lecture.
Welcome to Brighid.
be seduced
in a magical world of the ancients

myths and fairy tales.

Full Moon, Witches Dance,
Book Autor Brighid
Witch Circle Videos Infos.

Seven Day Candle, Sept Jours Bougies, Seven Day Candles, Sette Giorni Candele.
Before you start, sit down in peace and write your wish that you want to burn off your candle on a piece of paper. Make your wish as short and positive as possible. Then put the note under the candle.
Shorten the wick to half a cm in length so that the flame does not become too large. Then you light the candle. Put a few drops of the associated Magic of Brighid oil into the candle glass every day, but not directly into the flame, because the oils are highly flammable.
Now let the candle burn in one piece and take a few minutes each night before going to bed to concentrate on your wish in front of the candle and thus to fill the candle with your own energy.
Or light the candle for a few hours a day. Then add a few drops of oil the next day. When the candle has burned far down, incense sticks are very good to light, and then you can smoke it to support your spell.
This type of magic originally comes from the voodoo and has been practiced successfully since time immemorial. For our culture, I have integrated the planetary energy of the seven main planets into the candle magic.

So yellow stands for the sun.
White for the moon
Red for Mars
Purple for Mercury
Blue for Jupiter
Green for Venus
and black for Saturn.

This candle magic is very simple and can be carried out safely through the glass. Nevertheless, please make sure that there is nothing flammable near the candle and that it is out of the reach of children and pets. Now your magic can work. But here too, everything takes time and some wishes just take a little longer. Always keep your eyes open so that you don't miss an opportunity and trust in your spiritual power.

"Magic of Brighid" magic sprays
with pure essential oils without chemicals and dyes.
An idea from our house witch Brighid
With the Magic of Brighid line I want a natural alternative
to the chemical-based Anna Riva oils.
Already the pleasant smell of my blends,
which are made with pure essential oils,
is very different from synthetic oils.
I think coloring the oils is unnecessary in my natural processing,
especially since this would only cause stains.
My mission is to offer people products
you can trust
because I work according to white magic principles
with the magic of plants and planets.
Everyone who works magically and is interested knows
that only nature can have an effect
and everything else is based solely on belief in a product.
Another enrichment in the field of magic oils are my sprays,
which make it even easier to use, and being 100% natural,
can also be used without hesitation.
Compare yourself and feel the difference with all your senses.

Beltane Ritual Instructions
excerpt from the Brighid Witch Book
ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8 Link:
Instructions rituelles de Beltane
extrait du Brighid Witch Book
ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8 Lien:
Istruzioni rituali Beltane
estratto dal Brighid Witch Book
ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8 Link:
Beltane Ritual Anleitung 
Auszug vom Brighid Mein Buch der Schatten
ISBN 978-3-934978-21-8 Link:

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